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from 2,499.00

GEKO - Scapin's all-new 2018 Dual-Suspension Carbon Boost 29'er

Frame = $2499 USD including rear shock

Complete builds starting at $3299 USD, details coming soon

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Tech Info:

A lower centre of gravity and shorter stay are the distinguishing

features of Scapin's full-suspended super-compact model. This extreme slope specialist is here to stay.


Compact design, stability, good handling and tons of Italian style: these are the highlights of the Geko model, on its way to becoming Scapin's top bike. Its clean lines suggest a gritty 29er, designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding bikers - both in cross country and in gran-fondo.

Geko's 2018 version, which is inspired by and further develops the same-named cult model, reveals its closeness to Oraklo particularly in the markedly curved top-tube and down-tube, an unmistakable design feature stemming from the desire to ensure frame elasticity and an enjoyable riding experience. Scapin relied on feedback from race courses to create a sophisticated combination of geometries and dimensions, an alchemy of degrees and centimetres that improve grip in steeper route sections without a price to pay when riding downhill.

The carbon fibre monochrome frame stands out for its extreme compactness. At just 435 millimetres, the Boost 148 short stay offers immediately obvious advantages when picking up speed or changing direction.

The user-friendly riding experience is also ensured by the compact size of the top-tube, which, coupled with a medium-sized handlebar connector, results in Geko's highly compact wheelbase.

Geko gives its absolute best on extreme slopes. To enhance trajectory control and improve grip in challenging route sections, Scapin has optimized the bike's centre of gravity. The 50mm BB offset and 74° seat tube angle, ideally suitable for a centrally or rear-mounted seat post, allow the rider to pedal in a sitting position without lifting the front wheel off the ground. This improves bicycle control downhill and in changes of direction.

In order to maximize riding smoothness downhill, the head tube has been slackened to 70° and the 51mm offset fork is less verticalized and helps overcome any bumps and holes in the ground more effectively.

The suspension system acts on 5 pivot points. The interaction between the Fox vertical suspension and the loose (and considerably lighter) rear stay ensure modulated contrast to counter any bumpiness in the ground and minimize grip loss. The compression curve is progressive, so that when riding on flat ground or uphill, suspension lockout may be unnecessary.

Geometry details coming soon!!

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