Scapin continues to impress the editors:

Anouk Review
THE VERDICT: If you’ve ever wanted to own a bike from an Italian brand with a decades-long history but aren’t able to break the bank on a fully custom dream machine, then we recommend taking a look at the Anouk.
— Michael White, Road Bike Action
The Scapin Etika RC looks stunning doesn’t it? Its performance on the road is equally stunning, delivering speed that will ensure you effortlessly smash all your favourite segment personal records.
Elevates Scapin to the Pinnacale of Italian-built Bikes...the Scapin hits the perfect balance of torsional rigidity and superb stiffness when cranking hard, but it has a fine ability to take the edge off rough surfaces that might otherwise set your hands tingling.
— BikeRadar
We’ve always been fans of Scapin carbon...They have the heritage, the pedigree and plenty of beautiful platforms.
— Ben Edwards, Peloton Magazine