SCAPIN TODAY - reinventing high-end bicycles with an unprecedented combination of value and design from a premium brand.
For 2017-18 we are thrilled to match Scapin's heritage, design, quality, and innovation, with some big news:
All Scapin's are now delivered FREE throughout the U.S. and Canada, making this storied brand more accessible than ever. 
Scapin is thrilled to announce a number of new and exciting models, highlighted by the Kalibra aero road disc bicycle, which won the prestigious Cosmo Bike Award for 2016, besting a number of other iconic brands. For 2018 is proudly presenting the dual-suspension carbon Scapin Geko, in addition to key updates across the model range.
SCAPIN USA has brought the passion of Italian cycling and design to U.S. and Canadian customers since 2011, and has worked hand-in-hand with Scapin Italy to bring to market exciting new options such as the Scapin LTD SL and Ivor GT.  We are excited to continue bringing consumers and dealers some of the finest bicycles on the planet, true hidden jewels in the world of cycling. We not only help import the bikes, but are also avid road and MTB riders
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SCAPIN IN THE PAST - With over 60 years of bicycle design and fabrication, Scapin continues to create masterpieces from steel, aluminum, and carbon from their home in Italy, and remain one of the few historic brands still offering custom handbuilt bicycles.
Scapin Cicli was originally founded in 1957 by Umberto Scapin, a respectable level professional racer himself, the company immediately set itself an ambitious goal: to manufacture products featuring technical excellence and remarkable quality, where rider comfort is always the priority. 
The challenge was met at the time by Umberto's sons, and Stefano in particular earned the merit of bringing the trademark to fame outside Italy. Since that moment, design and technology have been an essential blend in Scapin products. In 1998, its bike Rudolf was one of the few worldwide to win the prestigious Compasso d’Oro, the most important award in Italian design. 
In 2005 Scapin was acquired by Cicli Olympia and became a division of the Olympia Group. The offices and production facilities then moved to the ultra-modern premises of over 3000 square metres in Piove di Sacco (PD), now the group headquarters.
A new and decisive boost was given to the brand: a team of technical engineers, designers and a dedicated staff was now associated with the Scapin brand for the grand re-launch of this brand of bikes.
Scapin is now recognized internationally as one of the most prestigious and ultimate expressions of the Made and Italy brand. Its production choices and creativity in design really make these bikes ideal for experts. In fact each Scapin bike is a little jewel in terms of design, finish, workmanship quality and detail. However, what counts most is that nothing has been lost of the original Scapin spirit: the care for detail, absolute top quality bikes, and above all state-of-the-art craftsmanship.
The element of craftsmanship, even though industrial procedures are also now used, is still a strong feature of Scapin. Proof of this can be found in the range-topping Scapin IVOR, boasting a carbon fibre frame 100% made in Italy, made to measure for the client, with a lifetime warranty for the first owner and the option of personalizing the frame with their own name. 
In the field, Scapin bikes are the choice of the Scapin Factory Team competing in the main Italian "GranFondo" races. Scapin is also the top sponsor of the prestigious circuit MTB IMA SCAPIN, confirming the company's reputation across both road and off-road disciplines.
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